Name Get release info Searchable Notes
Bandcamp Yes No

YADG cannot search for releases on Bandcamp, you will always need to enter the exact link. Additionally, links to Bandcamp artists or albums are only picked up automatically if the URL contains the string /album/ or In all other cases you need to force the use of the Bandcamp scraper by choosing it from the drop down menu (this will result in the input being interpreted as a Bandcamp URL).

Beatport Pro Yes Yes
Discogs Yes Yes
iTunes Store Yes Yes

Multiple track artists or release artists are not split correctly.

Junodownload Yes Yes

Track artists on VA releases are not supported.

Metal-Archives Yes Yes

Search terms are only matched against album titles. It is not possible to search for artists through YADG.

MusicBrainz Yes Yes

For searches through YADG the advanced query syntax is used.